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Gustavo Pacheco

Real Estate Agent Living Premesis
Work 175 SW 7 Street Suite 1511 Miami FL 33130 Work Phone: 305-492-9705 Website: Gustavo Pacheco | Real Estate Agent


Aggressive when he needs to be and friendly as often as he can be, Gustavo is someone who lives his life with passion. He is a real estate agent with more than ten years of experience that spans both residential and commercial real estate all across Miami. Moving to Miami when he was seven, having been born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, Gustavo took summer jobs in demolition as a teenager, and it was on those job sites that he was first mentored by a professional who flipped houses. From then on, he knew he wanted to go into real estate, earning his license when he was only twenty. The bubble burst in 2008, and although Gustavo took a hit like everyone else in the business, he refused to be shut down, becoming a marketing master, picking up new skills in traditional and digital areas. He now has more than ten years of experience in marketing and social media, He is the creator of the Living Premises website, an all-around real estate tool, and he is also bilingual, speaking English and Spanish.